Patent Leather Care

Made of patent leather and finished with a cotton lining.

Since patent leather is a delicate material, some natural wrinkles and marks may occur.

This type of leather doesn’t need to be impregnated. However, to preserve all its qualities, we encourage you to take special care of your bag.

Clean the leather using a microfiber cloth.

Keep the bag away from any heat sources. The use of an electric dryer or other similar heat sources can damage the leather. Also, extended long-term exposure to sunlight can cause irreversible color fading.

Keep the bag away from other leather products, never store it in a plastic bag, these materials can cause color transfer.

To prolong the lifespan of the leather, it’s best to store the bag inside its cloth sack. You may also want to fill the bag to avoid deformation.

Avoid contact with water. If your bag gets wet, wipe the leather immediately with a soft tissue to absorb the liquid. It’s also very important to be careful when it rains. Bad weather, humidity and heat can damage the leather irreversibly.

Avoid carrying heavy objects, as they may deform the bag and stretch the leather.

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