We shot our latest campaign in the Polish Tatra mountains. It was inspired by the extraordinary tradition of “Redyk,” a ceremonial trailing of sheep from their mountain pastures for the winter. The atmosphere of the ritual also prompted me to create bags constructed from Bouclé fabric, a blend of recycled cashmere and ethically sourced mulesing-free wool.
- Zofia Chylak
Zakopane's famous giant bear, a true symbol of the mountain resort, also made an appearance in our campaign. Nearly everyone who's ever vacationed in the Polish mountains as a child has a picture with the bear in their family album. We couldn't have our shoot without him.

About Bouclé

Bouclé consists of 40% recycled cashmere. It is made in Italy by a company with 50 years of experience in sustainable production. By combining traditional methods with modern technology, the manufacturer gives wool, felt, cashmere, and other fabrics a second life. This approach closely aligns with our own.

We take care to ensure that the production of our handbags is as sustainable as possible, which is why our threads and zipper tapes are 100% recycled, while the lining is made from organic cotton.

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