Suede Care

Our products are made by hand with the utmost attention to detail. Slight di erences between the items are part of their nature and make each one of them unique.

Made of real suede.

Suede is a fragile leather, particularly when exposed to outside elements, which means it needs extra care. It also has the tendency to lose its texture and color over time. is is a natural process that can’t be completely avoided.

Above all, avoid contact with water. Don’t expose the item to rain. Water droplets or moisture can damage the suede irreversibly. If it does get wet, dry it o at room temperature, far from any heat sources. Do not use an electric dryer.

Extended long-term exposure to heat and sunlight can cause irreversible deformation and color fading.

Do not use any chemical substances such as solvents, polish removers, gasoline to clean or preserve the suede.

To prolong the lifespan of the item, it’s best to store it inside its cloth dust bag.

Before the suede comes in contact with light-colored fabrics, brush it down with a soft brush. Please note that the product may stain, especially if wet.

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