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Ramya Giangola
The best advice is to keep your eyes open, don’t judge or avoid looking at things that may not be totally connected to your personal style, because this is how you can refine your eye.
Chloé Harrouche
You have to have your own identity, you’ll never succeed if you copy other people.
Karla Gruszecka
Fashion should be a reprieve.
Géraldine Boublil
People are attracted to interior design in the same way they are attracted to art — it’s very emotional.
Shini Park
To be be amazing at storytelling you need to see past trends, past what people are doing right now.
Marta Cygan
It’s really not cool, especially now, to be expensively dressed.
Jen Azoulay
My advice for anyone who wants a career in fashion is to start at the very bottom, because that’s how you learn things.
Agnieszka Grochowska
Mistakes are vital to art.
Lotta Nieminen
The quiet lets me hear my own thoughts.
Maria Karpińska
Books are a reliable antidote to stress related to the overwhelming situation around us.
Maria Jeglińska-Adamczewska
I dream that one day we’ll be able to outfit a house solely with Polish brands.
Ola Niepsuj
Sometimes I manage to convince a children’s book publisher to make the mayor of a town a woman instead of a man, or to have a boy pretending to cook instead of pretending to race cars.
Ania Jóźwiak & Stanisław Boniecki
In New York you always feel like everyone is doing something cooler than you.
The House Under The Firs
The Polish town of Zakopane in the beginning of the 20th century was a place where you could suspend the norms that ruled the rest of the land.
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