Spring/Summer 2024

<em>Spring/Summer 2024</em>
I’ve always admired how deeply people cared about detail, about intricacy of craftsmanship. Our Spring/Summer 2024 collection is a journey through romantic motifs and remarkable traditions. I decided to show my latest designs against the backdrop of a historical costume that has enchanted me for a long time: the traditional townswoman outfit from the city of Żywiec in Southern Poland, delightful with its embroidered tulle and unparalleled girth of the skirt layers.
- Zofia Chylak

The leading motifs of the collection are bows and ties, recalling elements of the Żywiec outfit. In Żywiec bows adorn women’s necks, their shoes, corsets, and sleeves. In my collection, they appear on bags and ballet flats.

In our campaign, Maria Zakrzewska is wearing a traditional Żywiec gown, an outfit that can weigh more than 10 kilograms and which requires nearly an hour to put on, as well as the assistance of an experienced hand. For us, that help came from the ladies from the local cultural association (Asysta Żywiecka), who know exactly how to put on all the layers according to the appropriate, traditional order. The ladies also agreed to pose for our photographs, often showcasing elements of their outfit that had been in their families for many generations.
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